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History of BioPro Stem Technology

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History of Biotechnological company "BioPro Stem Technology"

Biotechnological company "BioPro Stem Technology" was established in 2009.

The basis of its foundation was the idea that Ukraine and its research potential since the Soviet times is the basic stone in the development and application of innovative approaches in science and practice. In current conditions, this potential can be used not only in missilery but also in biotechnology.

The first and very important step was starting the own laboratory that corresponds to the world standards of work with human stem cells. It should be stressed that the laboratory is primarily designed to interact with the medical practice and is secondarily engaged in scientific developments.

The second step was to establish cooperation with leading academic and medical institutions of Ukraine.

Owing the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and in particular the Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine of NAMS of Ukraine the laboratory «BioPro Stem Technology» was able to successfully develop and implement existing technology method for isolating and growing stem autologous (own) human cells.

The company expresses Special thanks to the director of the Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine NAMS of Ukraine, Academician Gennady Mikhailovich Butenko, corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences and Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, as well as laboratory director, Doctor of Medical Sciences Nikolsky Igor Sergeyevich and the entire research team.

The third step was the start of the practical application of stem cells in treatment. Due to the high interest of the Ministry of Defence at the Central Military Hospital of Ukraine we conducted the first clinical trials in Ukraine with autologous stem cells from adipose tissue.

This work showed not only absolute security applications, but high efficiency of stem cells in the treatment of serious diseases:

  • obliterating endartheritis
  • critical ischemia of the upper and lower extremities
  • diabetic foot
  • diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2
  • leukemia (hairy cell)
  • Cirrhosis
  • autoimmune diseases (glomerulonephritis), etc.

Our team expresses its deep gratitude to all military doctors who showed high professionalism and a desire to find new (innovative) ways to fight for the health of patients.

The next step is to expand cooperation with government and commercial medical institutions.

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