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Laboratory of BioPro Stem Technology

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The laboratory is the heart of all of BioPro Stem Technology

The modern laboratory allows to easily handle any difficult issues in the field of biotechnology. Conditionally the laboratory can be divided into several blocks according to their tasks.

The first unit – is for our employees. These facilities do not require special conditions, but they meet the general requirements of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health to medical premises. In such areas the staff works with electronic and paper-based activities.

The second unit - vestibule area (gateway). It separates the zones with different levels of sterility. Employees from the first block come into the gateway and change clothes of the first zone to the purity sterile sets of clothes for the third block. Locking system is used in many laboratories or pharmaceutical plants for areas with high demands on the purity of the air pollution.

The third block is the core, where all the work with the biomaterial is conducted. It can be divided into three sections A, B and C.

Block A

Block A is for analytical studies. It houses all the devices associated with the measurements. Analyzes relating to the identification and "certification of" stem cells require very precise instruments. One of them is the Beckman-Coulter, flow cytometer.

This equipment allows us to explore each cell individually with precision and sort high quality cells from the rest. Also in this section we perform analyzes that identify the condition and composition of cells. It allows us to grow stem cells without loss of quality.

Block B


Block B - represents a section where the actions of isolation and purification of the cellular material are conducted. Due to high quality of centrifuge equipment isolation of stem cells is performed with high precision and quality.

Block C

As for Block C, it should be noted that it is perhaps one of the most important departments of work. This is where we have the straightest requirement for work with cell material.
Equipment necessary for the operation under sterile conditions with any stem or other types of cells, is represented by leading manufacturers from around the world.


The isolated mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from adipose tissue of a patient in a special sterile box are moved into sterile vials with a nutrient medium, where they start growing. During this process we repeatedly replace bottles and transport cells to new ones. Such operations are carried out until the number of cells reaches a therapeutic doze.

Growing cells is a complex and multi-step process, but due to our efforts, the patient receives a huge amount of autologous mesenchymal cells for treatment, which ultimately allows the body to overcome the most severe diseases.

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