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The offer of partnership from the biotechnologocal company, "BioPro Stem Technology"

Dear colleagues!

The company aims to use the latest developments in biotechnology and medicine and their subsequent use in treatment.

Due to the most modern equipment in compliance with modern international standards of biological safety in the work with human biological material, the company has all the necessary capabilities for working with human stem cells.

The Laboratory works complies with all international standards GMP - GLP working with biological material:

  • sterile air containing no dust and bacteria
  • employees work in special clothes, with all measures to ensure the sterility
  • full hardware control of biological material, etc.

We consider all suggestions and are open to cooperation with physicians and medical facilities!

1. The benefits of medical laboratory «BioPro Stem Technology»:

  • Company incorporates its own laboratory for the isolation and cultivation of stem cells while most of medical organizations simply resell the cells isolated in other laboratories or use other resources
  • Our Laboratory works on patented technology. We identify the stem cells, and also increase the number of cells to therapeutic dose
  • The work is carried out only with own (autologous) cells of the patient, which ensures its high degree of safety and protects the patient from getting "alien" infections with cells from other sources
  • Unlike many companies we distinguish cells from the adipose tissue of the patient. Moreover, the method is more "friendly" to the organism than the selection of cells from bone marrow
  • Patient's cells are stored at any time in our Cryobank. If necessary they can be readily thawed and used for treatment or cosmetic purposes
  • In the laboratory the stem cells are carefully selected and monitored for chromosomal abnormalities We select only "healthy" cells for treatment. For each patient we provide the personal "cell pasport"
  • Laboratory can grow autologous cells of the patient till the disease is conquered
  • We comply with European standards of laboratory diagnosis;
  • International quality control;
  • Information support of specialists in laboratory diagnosis;
  • Independence;
  • Operational feedback from customers;

2. How to begin to work with the medical laboratory "BioPro Stem Technology":

contact us by phone (informational service for physicians):

044 331-95-70
066 732-35-12
044 393-09-65

write us at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

reach us at:

Kiev Academician Krzhizhanovskogo 4 str

3. Medical laboratory "BioPro Stem Technology" provides you with:

All the necessary materials and instructions for the taking of biological material in your office;

  1. Patented technique;
  2. Full information on rules and algorithms applied;
  3. Assistance applications;
  4. Comprehensive assistance in the use of laboratory facilities.

We work closely with leading experts in the field of stem cell therapy.

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