Biopro Stem Technology Company

Biopro Stem Technology Company Biomedical Center Biopro Stem Technology is in Ukraine, Kyiv.

The company’s activities are aimed at using the latest developments in the field of biotechnology for medicine with their subsequent application in treatment.

The history of creating the Center Of Biopro Stem Technology

Biomedical Center “Biopro Stem Technology” was established in 2009.At the heart of the company’s idea is the need to create in Ukraine a modern, biotechnological medical center of cellular technologies that meets the most up-to-date requirements of international standards of treatment.

The first important step was the opening of its own laboratory, corresponding to the world standards of working with human stem cells.      

The second step was the establishment of cooperation with the leading scientific and medical institutions in Ukraine.Thanks to the serious assistance of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine and in particular the Institute of Genetic and Regenerative Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the Biopro Stem Technology laboratory was able to successfully develop and apply the technology of isolation and cultivation of autologous (own) stem human cells

The third step was the clinical application of stem cells in treatment. Thanks to the high interest of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the first in Ukraine clinical trials of the use of autologous stem cells in the treatment of various pathologies were conducted on the basis of the Central Military Clinical Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. This work showed not only the absolute safety of cellular therapy, but also its high efficiency in the treatment of such serious diseases:

  • obliterating endarteritis
  • critical ischemia of the upper and lower extremities
  • diabetic foot
  • Type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • cirrhosis
  • autoimmune diseases, etc.

Our next goals are to establish cooperation with state and commercial medical institutions.

In 2015 Biopro Stem Technology received the highest award at the annual international convention for the quality of BID in Paris.

International organization “Business Initiative Directions” (BID) awarded “Biopro Stem Technology” by “International Star for Quality” in the category “Gold” (International Star Award for Quailty, GOLD Category).

This award is given by BID to companies around the world, adhering to the principles of high standards of activity and innovation, and high quality organization of the production process.

Video from the ceremony of Awarding Biopro Stem Technology

Awarding, which took place this year for the 19th time, took place on June 27 and 28, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile (Concorde La Fayette) in Paris. Professionals and business leaders from all over the world gathered to celebrate successful and outstanding companies (learn more about awarding).

In 2017, Biopro Stem Technology confirmed its commitment to quality and high level of management, for which it was awarded a prestigious international award in the category of GOLD for high product quality and organization of the production process. Awarding took place on June 4, 2017 in London (United Kingdom) as a part of the International Convention “ESQR’s Quality Achievements Awards 2017” (awarding details).

The main mission of our company – is the affordable application of the latest world developments in biotechnology in Ukraine.

Biopro Stem Technology laboratory is equipped with the most modern equipment, according to international requirements and standards, for working with human stem cells. The collection of the patient’s cellular material, and the subsequent transplantation of stem cells, is carried out by the best doctors in Ukraine. The company is constantly expanding the scope of practical application of cellular therapy and cooperation with medical institutions.

The laboratory complies with all international standards GMP-GLP on work with biological material:

  • Sterile air, free from dust and bacteria,
  • Employees work in special clothing, in compliance with all measures to ensure sterility,
  • Full hardware control of biomaterial, etc.

All these measures allow the company to guarantee the quality and safety of the patient’s stem cells.

At the moment, the company’s main efforts are focused on working with the patient’s stem cells, obtained from its fat tissue and application in treatment.

Introduction video about Biopro Stem Technology

The company is constantly involved in the development and clinical use of new therapies using cell therapy. Established partnerships with organizations working in Ukraine and abroad to develop and implement innovative technologies in cell therapy.

We actively cooperate with leading experts in the field of stem cell application in the practice of treatment.