BioPro Stem Technology winner of the Bizz 2017 Quality Achievements Awards 2017 in Dubai 2017

On November 2017, in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), within the World Business Confederation WORLDCOB, biotechnology company “Biopro Stem Technology” was awarded the prestigious international award “Bizz 2017 Quality Achievements Awards 2017” for the high quality organization of the production process.

“THE BIZZ” is one of the most important business prizes in the world. It gathers and recognizes leading businesses from different regions tha contribute to the daily growth of their local economy and the world economy. THE BIZZ was created by World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), to offer to the global business community a range of benefits that further their development.

“WORLDCOB” is an international business organization that has been operating for 10 years in the interests of entrepreneurs all over the world. WORLDCOB was founded in 2004 in Houston, Texas (USA). Its primary mission is to promote business development worldwide, recognizing and boosting the growth of leading businesses and businesspeople in every country.