BioPro Stem Technology winner of the Bizz 2017 Quality Achievements Awards 2017 in Dubai 2017

On November 2017, in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), within the World Business Confederation WORLDCOB, biotechnology company “Biopro Stem Technology” was awarded the prestigious international award “Bizz 2017 Quality Achievements Awards 2017” for the high quality organization of the production process. Read more

What BizzNews say about BioPro Stem Technology

BioPro Stem assures quality and excellence in all treatments

BioPro Stem Technology uses efficient technology to treat patients related to stem cells extraction. Since 2009, this company has applied the latest developments in biotechnology and it has international standards in that area by using the most modern equipment available.

The company is involved in the development and clinical use of new methods of treatment with stem cells. In order to do that it has established working agreements with associations in Ukrain and abroad to introduce innovative technologies in stem cell therapy. Read more

BioPro Stem Technology winner of the ESQR’s Quality Achievements Awards in London 2017

On June 4, 2017, in London (UK), the biotech company Biopro Stem Technologies received another prestigious international award in the GOLD category within the framework of the International Convention “ESQR’s Quality Achievements Awards 2017”  for its high quality products and organization of the production process.

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BioPro Stem Technology winner of the BID International Star for Leadership in Quality Award in Paris 2015

The international organization Business Initiative Directions (BID) awarded the company “BioPro Stem Technology” with the International Star Award for Quailty, GOLD Category. This award is presented by the organization BID to companies around the world that adhere to the principles of high standards and innovation and put quality in the forefront at all levels of the organization of work.

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