For many years, “BioPro Stem Technology” have successfully used autologous stem cells for treatment of diseases of various severity. How can patient’s autologous stem cells can help with various diseases?These and other questions led us to create video Q&A series.Leading stem cell therapy specialist of “BioPro Stem Technology”, Ivan Badyin, MD. is answering these and other questions and gives an insight into modern stem cell therapy techniques on our channel.

Лечение болезни Крон

Crohn’s disease. Part 2 – treatment

Due to unknown exact causes, modern medicine cannot treat Crohn’s disease completely. It is a very serious condition, that requires medical evaluation at regular intervals, as well as regular medicine intake.
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лечение панкреатита

Pancreatitis treatment, part 2

We’ve already talked about pancreas and its’ role in digestion. Today, we’re going to talk about modern pancreatitis therapy.

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Acute and chronic pancreatitis: the pancreas and its’ role in human digestion

Main task of this organ – production of pancreatic juice that contains enzymes and is rich in bicarbonate ions. Its’ main function is to take part in digestive processes in the small intestine.

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How stem cells treat the liver

We get a lot of questions about liver diseases. That is why the first video is dedicated to liver transplants.

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Как восстановить печень

Liver damage. Causes.

One of the frequently asked questions about liver. It’s functions, how and when can it be damaged? We will talk about it in this video.

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How to repair damaged liver?

It’s possible to repair damaged liver tissue using autologous mesenchymal stem cells. Let’s talk about that!

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