Tendon Stem Cells Help Facilitate Recovery from Injuries

The discovery of a new type of tendon stem cells can significantly improve the situation in the treatment of ligament damage, avoiding surgery.

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Use of mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of novel coronavirus

The pandemic of 2019 novel coronavirus has prompted researchers around the world to closely study how coronaviruses operate, in order to find ways to counter potential lasting damage from the infection. While doctors around the world are searching for effective antiviral protocols against SARS-CoV-2, several groups of Chinese researchers decided to try a different path. Read more

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Stem cells help treat a rare congenital disease before child birth

A new study in mice showed that intrauterine stem cells transplantation and enzyme therapy can be used to alleviate some congenital diseases that often lead to pregnancy loss. Scientists have demonstrated that stem cells can penetrate the fetal brain during prenatal development and replace defective cells that are unable to synthesize the required protein.

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A more effective way to treat diabetes with stem cells has been discovered

The researchers efficiently convert human stem cells into insulin-producing cells, which helped stabilize blood sugar and functionally cure diabetes for nine months after transplantation to mice.

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Studying the mechanism of delayed pregnancy in animals can help prevent human infertility and cancer

Some mammals are able to delay the growth of embryos to better conditions for the birth of offspring. The goal of a recent study at the University of Washington’s Medicine Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine was to solve this reproduction puzzle, which occurs in more than 130 mammalian species as well as some marsupials. The results obtained not only contribute to understanding delayed embryo implantation, but also allow us to learn how some rapidly dividing cells, such as those in tumors, “pause” their division.

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Stem cells will help avoid transplant rejection

Using induced pluripotent stem cells, scientists from Japan have developed a new technique that can regulate the response of the immune system to transplanted tissues.

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Research has shown the important role of stem cells in hair graying under stress

HSCI scientists have discovered the connection between the nervous system and stem cells that restore hair pigment.

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Stem Cells Will Relieve Neuropathic Pain

Researchers from Australia used human stem cells to create neurons that provide a long-lasting pain-relieving effect in mice without side effects in a single procedure.

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Scientists have created living robots from stem cells

The research team managed to develop robots built exclusively from living stem cells. Called “xenobots”, they can perform a variety of functions, from moving and manipulating objects to collective behavior. Their creation promises significant development in the field of biology and medicine. However, this also involves potential serious risks, since the researchers themselves recognize that experiments with living cells create opportunities for unintended consequences.

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Stem cells helped find a potential treatment for psoriasis

In a new study, scientist have discovered biological processes that may explain why the skin thickens with psoriasis. This can help in the development of new treatments for the disease.

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