БиоПро Выбор потребителя 2018 #03

Avatars from stem cells will help to choose individual treatment of Cystic fibrosis

Researchers have developed a revolutionary approach to the treatment of cystic fibrosis, using mini-organs or ‘avatars’ obtained from the stem cells of patients to test the effect of the latest drugs on them.

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Stem cells helped to understand the genetic cause of psychopathy

An international team of researchers has found that the expression of many genes that were previously associated with autism is also observed in violent psychopathy. Scientists used stem cells to analyze the expression of genes and proteins in the brain cells of psychopathic criminals.

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First time recorded brain activity in a mini-brain grown from stem cells

Scientists have grown from stem cells a miniature brain, capable of creating functioning neural networks. Despite the fact that the organoid, obtained in the laboratory, is a million times smaller than the human brain, brain waves are first recorded in it, that resemble those in premature infants.

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БиоПро Выбор потребителя 2018 #06

Diabetes drug activates brain stem cells, but only in women

Scientists have found that metformin, a diabetes drug, in the presence of the female hormone estradiol can activate stem cells to repair the brain.

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БиоПро Выбор потребителя 2018 #04

Islet-on-a-chip will help find a cure for diabetes

A new technology for the production of islet-on-a-chip will allow continuous monitoring of insulin-producing cells to determine their therapeutic value and suitability for transplantation.

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Scientists have created antibodies that activate the regenerative potential of stem cells

Researchers have created antibodies that, by acting on stem cells, can stimulate tissue self-healing in the body. AntlerA Therapeutics, a recently launched Toronto startup, plans to turn antibodies into drug-like molecules for regenerative medicine.

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Stem Cell Mitochondria – The Key to Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

A new study showed that in Alzheimer’s disease the utilization of damaged mitochondria is impaired in neural stem cells, preventing their differentiation into new neurons. This process is probably the reason for the lack of neurogenesis in this disease, which gives scientists a new goal for creating treatment.

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БиоПро Выбор потребителя 2018 #09

The discovery of a new type of liver stem cell may eliminate the need for organ transplantation.

Scientists from King’s College London have discovered a new type of cells in an adult’s liver, similar to embryonic stem cells, that can develop into mature hepatocytes and regenerate damaged cells in liver.

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БиоПро Выбор потребителя 2018 #07

The mechanism of restoration of teeth by means of stem cells is found

An international team of researchers has discovered a mechanism that activates stem cells of tooth tissues. The discovery offers a new potential solution for tooth restoration.

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Bioprinting, based on stem cells, will help in the assimilation of Mars

3-D tissue printing using stem cells can help keep astronauts healthy until they land on Mars. In the framework of the project of the European Space Agency (ESA) using the method of bioprinting has been received the first samples of skin and bone.

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