Registered second case of cure for HIV with stem cells

The London citizen infected with HIV entered a long remission after a stem cell transplantation, which also helped him to beat the cancer. This is the second case in the world when a patient defeated HIV after a stem cell transplant.

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Bone marrow transplantation

Bone marrow transplantation – is there an alternative?

In some cases the patient or his relatives hear an ominous phrase from the doctor: bone marrow transplantation is needed. Usually, neither the patient nor his relatives really know what lies behind this term. They are not aware of the possible consequences or difficulties in the search of an appropriate donor for the transplantation.

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Neurological disorders

Stem cells in the treatment of neurological disorders

The number of detected neurological diseases rises every year. This tendency is promoted by many causes, amongst which is lifestyle, environmental and hereditary factors.

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Cartilage formed with stem cells

Cartilage injuries are difficult to treat. Current methods are mainly based on transplantation of healthy cartilage portion into the damaged area. Such a procedure affects healthy cartilage. Moreover, the cartilage gradually degrades with age.

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Treatment of pancreatic necrosis with stem cells

In 2012 the ministry of Health defense in Ukraine officially approved the method of stem cell therapy for many diseases such as pancreatic necrosis.

Pancreatic necrosis is a severe disease associated with inflammation an acute pancreatitis. In this condition, ferments secreted by gland accumulate in duodenum resulting in tissue distruction (self-digestion).Exuded enzymes and toxins can hit into the blood stream and cause a serious damage for heart, lungs and leaver. Interestingly, this disease is rarely observed in people who drink a lot of alcohol.

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Treatment of cirrhosis with stem cells

Cirrhosis is a serious and extremely dangerous disease. It is characterized by liver cell death, which is accompanied by the formation of connective scar tissue in the liver that is not treatable. With the development of disease the structure of the liver is altered and its functioning is disturbed. At later stages of the disease the only solution is a liver transplant, but the operation is expensive and complicated. The number of donors is also limited.

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Stem cells and diabetesStem cells and diabetes

A large number of people around the world are currently exposed to such severe and insidious diseases as diabetes. The disease begins unnoticed – with minor violation of urination and unusual thirst. Over time, these health problem occur, which can even result in death.

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Treatment of psoriasis with stem cells

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a chronic non-infectious skin disease. About 1-3% of world’s population suffer from psoriasis. Common symptoms include red patches of skin covered with silvery scales on hands, back, hairy part of head and in other places all over the body (fig.1).

The disease counts for physical and psychological discomfort and may cause depressive condition and problems of adaptation in personal, social, professional life.

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