Do we need stem cells?

While you’re thinking about this – they are already working! Hard workers that already, right now work inside you. They are able to patch up any holes.

One problem though – their number decreases with age, all the while they’re needed more as we age.

However, there are different types of stem cells!!

Scientists separate them into categories using different criteria. The infogrpahic below has main types of stem cells.

5 types of stem cells

5 types of stem cells

From “superhero” cells that are able to form into a complete organism, to “lazy” cells that can only turn into a specific type of cells.

When you’ll be looking at the infographic, pay attention to mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)

They’ve proven themselves to be a capable therapeutic instrument, by being able to turn into a type of cells that you need for treatment.

You can watch a video about stem cell treatments and disorders they are used to treat here.