How stem cells treat the liver

We get a lot of questions about liver diseases. That is why the first video is dedicated to liver transplants.

With the demand of around 1000 liver transplants a year in Ukraine, no more than 30 actually happen. That means that only 1 in 10 people survive until their turn in the waiting list.

After this video you will know the answers to following questions:

  • How to survive until liver transplant?
  • When is transplant necessary?
  • What difficulties may the patient encounter?
  • How can patient be helped to survive until liver transplant?
  • Where can it be done?

For many years, “BioPro Stem Technology” had the technology to grow autologous mesenchymal patient’s stem cells. You can find out more information on how these cells can help to preserve your liver, if you’ll visit us for a free consultation.