Our laboratory

The laboratory is a key component of our operations.

Thanks to our modern laboratory, Biopro Stem Technology is able to undertake any complex issue with regards to our patients’ stem cells. It is divided into several blocks, according to their function.

Block I is the staff premises. In this block employees are handling administrative tasks.

Block II is the airlock. It separates staff premises and cleanrooms with different levels of cleanliness. Staff from the Block I must pass through the airlock and change into scrubs to continue forward.

Block III is cleanrooms. They are used to perform manipulations with biomaterial. It’s divided into three sub-blocks: A, B and C.

Sub-block A

Sub-block A is used for analytical research. It houses tools necessary for proper assessment of biomaterial retrieved from our patients. Our flow cytometers ensure absolute precision in selecting cells viable for further growth and use in stem cell therapy.

This equipment allows us to study with great accuracy each cell individually and to sort out qualitative cells from the rest.Also in this department, other analyzes of the condition and composition of cells are carried out, which allows successfully growing stem cells without loss of quality.

Sub-block B

Sub-block B is a place where cellular material is isolated and purified.

Sub-block C

Sub-block C is dedicated to growth, maintenance and storage of isolated and purified cells. There we transplant those cells into vials with nutritious environment, where they grow and multiply until they reach a viable therapeutic dosage for a particular patient.

Cell cultivation is a complicated process but the effort serves to provide our patients with a necessary amount of stem cells, helping them to fight various disorders.