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Liver damage. Causes.

One of the frequently asked questions about liver. It’s functions, how and when can it be damaged? We will talk about it in this video.

No only patients but doctors are alarmed – number of people affected by liver diseases is constantly growing.

Liver diseases are now affecting even the very young. That is why everyone must be aware of the factors that can negatively affect liver and liver diseases. It’s impossible to overestimate the significance of liver for our bodies.

Liver is:

  • the main “filter” of our bodies
  • toxin neutralizer
  • a part of metabolism, digestion, blood formation, blood flow regulation and nutrient synthesis
  • a bile producer, which takes part in fat dissolution and stomach stimulation
  • a storage for useful substances (vitamins and minerals)

Basically, you cannot live without it.

What are the outcomes of liver diseases?

According to the WHO, more than 200 million people on the planet are affected by some sort of liver disease. Chronic liver diseases often lead to scary complications like liver cirrhosis (which  leads to a complete replacement of liver tissue) and liver failure. As a mortality cause, liver diseases are in top 10.

What can cause liver damage?

It’s very easy to damage (often significantly) our livers.

Unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, overeating, alcohol and stresses all contribute to impaired liver function. It suffers from infections and autoimmune diseases, it can also suffer from hereditary problems.
Specialists often distinguish following types of liver damage:

  • Medical drug-related damages
  • Toxic damage
  • Alcohol damage
  • Damage due to viruses
  • Damage due to hereditary diseases
  • Damage due to autoimmune diseases
  • Damage due to infections and/or parasitary damage
  • Damage due to metabolitic diseases
  • Damage due to oncological diseases

What disorders may appear in the liver:

  • Liver failure
  • Inflammation of bile ducts, with accompanying dyskinesia
  • Gallstone disease as a result
  • liver blood supply pathologies: hepatic vein thromboses, heart failure, formation of duodenal fistulas.
  • Activation of Ito cells that leads to formation of liver scar tissue. This, in turn, will lead to cirrhosis and then hepatocellular failure.It’s impossible to live without liver.
    How can you repair it to working condition? We’ll talk about it in our video.You can find a more detailed information regarding ways to preserve your liver with autologous stem cells if you book a free consultation visit with us.