Therapy of heart diseases on the basis of compounds synthesized by stem cells was created

Scientists from Yale have developed a new cell-free method for treating the effects of a heart attack on the basis of secreted stem cell compounds.

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New research completely changes the concept of stem cell specialization

Research, conducted by biologists at the Florida State University, can totally change the understanding of the process of differentiation of embryonic stem cells into specialized cells of the body.

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New glue based on mesenchymal stem cells will help in the healing of chronic wounds

Scientists from England have developed a technology that in the future will help create a new generation of smart surgical adhesives and dressings for chronic wounds. The technique is based on changing the membranes of mesenchymal stem cells to effectively “weld” the cells together.

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New therapeutic strategy for obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Scientists from China have found that transplantation of adipose mesenchymal stem cells improves metabolism and reduces inflammation in mice.

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The new method will allow editing stem cells directly in the body.

A new study led US scientist has demonstrated the ability to edit stem cell genes not in a dish, but directly in their natural habitat. The results are important for biotechnology research and the development of therapeutic agents for the treatment of genetic diseases.

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A new technique will allow to obtain a large quantities of stem cells for the treatment of blood vessels in diabetes

Researchers have developed a technology that will allow obtaining large amounts of stem cells from just a few milliliters of blood in a short time. Scientists have also found that the resulting stem cells can create new and replace damaged cells within blood vessels. This technique will help prevent a number of vascular diseases, including heart attacks, kidney disease, blindness, and amputations in people with diabetes.

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Activating neural stem cells will help the brain recover

Scientists from Kyoto University have discovered two genes, Hes1 and Ascl1, which are responsible for the rest and activity of adult neural stem cells. By controlling the expression of these genes, it is possible to “turn on” sleeping cells for the treatment of many neurological diseases.

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A new approach in the treatment of diabetes with stem cells

The research team has optimized the process of transforming stem cells into insulin-producing beta cells in the laboratory using biological and physical separation methods. The results can be used for more efficient transplantation of beta cells in patients with type 1 diabetes.

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Do we need stem cells?

While you’re thinking about this – they are already working! Hard workers that already, right now work inside you. They are able to patch up any holes. Read more

Stem cell vesicles will help in the fight against aging

Scientists have discovered that induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are capable of producing more vesicles than normal adult stem cells. This discovery will allow more efficient delivery of regenerating proteins, antibodies and other therapeutic agents to damaged or aging cells.

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