A testimonial of a patient with T2 diabetes after the course of treatment

Testimonial of a patient with type 2 diabetes following a stem cell treatment using patented Biopro Stem Technology approach.

Video version of the testimonial

Diagnosis: liver cirrhosis complicated by diabetes mellitus

Man, 32 years old

Diagnosed with type II diabetes mellitus in 2009.

Blood sugar levels ranged from 6.4 mmol/l to 7.5. The patient complained of rapid fatigue, drowsiness, swelling and obesity. The examination revealed stage I hypertension and arrhythmia.

On the advice of the attending physician, he contacted a Kyiv laboratory for stem cell therapy services. In 2013, the patient’s adipose tissue was extracted and a month later, first injection was performed. Three injections in total were made.

After a month, the first improvements were noted: swelling has subsided, sleep has improved and weight has decreased.

After 3 months, the survey showed a decrease in the level of sugar to 4.8 mmol/l.

The patient does not adhere to a specific diet.

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